Hosting a table is a fun and rewarding part of making Convention a success! Volunteering to host a table helps to make sure that table-mates feel welcome and part of the group. Assigned tables allow for the same people to sit together for each of our meal events, getting to know one another on a more personal level.

Whether sitting with old friends or making new ones, the host should work to make everyone feel comfortable, and make every experience a memorable one. The host should work to make sure that table-mates are engaged in conversation, have what they need at events, and ensure that gifts are appropriately dispersed at the table.

The host is responsible for prepping their table prior to each event and collecting and placing official Convention gifts as directed. As every Convention is unique, it is important for hosts to listen to instructions given to them during early entry to every event. There will also be a Host/Hostess meeting early in the week (watch the schedule). Only 1 person per table will be acknowledged as the official host.

Questions about table gifts come up every year. All gifts (with the exception of official Convention gifts) are optional and should be considered on an individual level. It is up to the table-mates to decide when and how much they will or will not participate in gift giving.

A common recommendation is to consider the size and packability of gifts, knowing that everyone will have to get their gifts home. In addition, free space on the table is limited because of place settings, centerpieces and other items on the table.

Whatever one decides about table gifts, the joy of convention is in the camaraderie and enjoyment of the event.

Table Host forms will be submitted online beginning February 22, 2020. The form is free to submit but will be arranged as an “order” in our online store: bconventions. com in the section marked Table Host.

Assignments will be made based on availability. Table hosting is popular and we tend to have more people apply than we have spots. Because of this, you may consider not confirming table gifts or guests until you have been confirmed. Moving forward with these plans before you are confirmed as a Host is at your sole risk and responsiblity.

Once you have been confirmed as a Host, please use the Table Host Form to sign up Conventioneers for your table. It is important to have the correct spelling of each Conventioneer’s name as well as their Registration Number.

For questions regarding the Table host process, please contact the Table Host Chair April Larsen at .

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