This year we will be offering a different concept for some of our Workshops. These will be demonstration classes on how to complete a take-home project, and they will be known as MEGA WORKSHOPS.

Workshop attendees will receive a project kit to complete at home, including full instructions and materials. In the classroom demonstrations, instructors will share valuable tips and insights on their projects and will offer question/answer opportunities to all.

These larger classes will allow instructors to reach a greater number of attendees.


By Angie Gill


Do you have a pitiful ponytail or a troublesome TNT? Do you want to bring your doll back to life, but just don’t know where to start? Don’t be discouraged! It might not be as difficult as you think!

Angie has been a professional Barbie® doll artist and restorationist for well over 20 years. In this lecture style workshop she will teach you the basics of restoration & teach you what you need to know to make your dolls shine!! She will go over cleaning techniques for the dolls body, face and hair, including discussions on resetting ponytails, TNTS, Francie and many more.

She will share with you what products she uses for touch ups, as well as some of the most helpful tips and tricks she has learned along the way. She will give you details about products that work the best, if they are available locally to you, and where you can get them for the best price.

Sometimes restoration is thinking outside of the box and she will talk about those things, too!

This is an informative workshop. You needn’t bring anything with you other than a pen and small notebook... it’s lecture style with Q & A. She wants to answer your questions and help you pick up tips you can use at home on your projects.

Class time: 1 1⁄2 hr
Cost: $15 (One mega class of 45)


By Nancy Kelley

Have fun learning to easily make and display miniaturized art for Barbie® doll. Everything you need to know to complete five lovely pieces will be demonstrated in the class.

Pre-printed, cut and scored pieces of tropical motif wall art, several framing and display designs, written instructions, and any other needed supplies will be included in the material package.

Class time: 11⁄2 hrs
Cost: $28 (1 class of 25)


By Bob Strack

Build elements inspired from the Vintage Barbie® doll Fashion Shop. Create a cardboard diorama as a backdrop for your dolls along with accessories to complete the Display.

Kit will include printed and pre-cut pieces with instructions to complete your project.

Class time: 11⁄2 hrs

Cost: $28  (1 class of 30)

Workshop exact times, and registration will be listed on with workshop sign up starting February 22, 2020

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